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Angeline French

Communications Lead, NNSA Programs and Operations, Savannah River Site
Aiken, SC
803.725.2854 |

Angie was the person responsible for my hiring at Savannah River National Laboratory and worked closely with me as my manager for over three years. She is closely familiar with my design work, reliability and character.

Sheryl Bush

Writer/Editor, Savannah River National Laboratory
Aiken, SC
803.725.4997 |

I worked extensively with Sheryl during my time at Savannah River National Laboratory on numerous projects. From large publications, to posters, to websites and tradeshow displays; she is very familiar with both my work and personal character.

TJ Barton

Worship Pastor, Truenorth Church
North Augusta, SC
706.339.3488 |

TJ is the worship pastor at Truenorth Church. He has been a mentor and leader over me as I transitioned from being solely a musician into a leader in the worship ministry at the church. He can vouch for my character and leadership qualities and is also familiar with some of my design work.


Mike Fiedler

Missions Pastor, Truenorth Church
North Augusta, SC
803.275.7232 |

Mike oversees the missions programs at Truenorth Church, among many other needs as they arise. If anything is happening at Truenorth, then Mikeis likely in the know about it. He can vouch both for my design skills and especially for my character and heart behind why I do what I do.

Tracy Hooks

Owner, Communigraphics, Inc.
North Augusta, SC
803.278.7217 |

Tracy is the owner of Communigraphics, Inc. She takes a hands-on approach to the running of her thriving screenprinting, signs, embroidery and promotional products business. She worked closely with myself and other design staff to plan upcoming internal projects and work on brainstorming for proposals for big ticket customers. Her active role in the business makes her an excellent source of knowledge on the talents and character of each of her employees.

Chip Herring

College Pastor, Cedar Creek Church
Aiken, SC
404.642.0135 |

Chip is the college pastor at Cedar Creek Church in Aiken, South Carolina, and also the principal speaker and leader for MERGE, a ministry for 18 to twenty-somrthings. I have had a close working relationship with him for years as I was the principal graphic designer for all MERGE-related materials during my involvement there. He is very familiar with my design work through MERGE and is an excellent reference of my personal character as well.